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Transforming the design landscape.

Fuller Architectural Panels is a U.S.-based manufacturer specializing in the production of PVC and ACM designer panels—from treillage panels, tracery panels and planter shells, to Bespoke collection, mullion panels and other specialty building products. Fuller Architectural Panels works closely with commercial and residential interior designers, architects, home builders, landscape designers and general contractors to create stunning panels, both for interior and exterior projects.

What makes Fuller Architectural Panels an industry game-changer? Our innovative process incorporates cost-effective raw materials and a proprietary manufacturing technique. Add a better business model—manufacturing in the countryside of North Carolina versus the big city—that keeps costs down considerably, and Fuller Architectural Panels is changing the design landscape, making high-style decorative panels available to everyone, everywhere.

Fuller Architectural Panels produces 80 standard designs, but with in-house CAD capabilities, Fuller Architectural Panels can easily modify our standard designs to your exacting specifications, however simple or intricate. The results are stunning replications of handmade panels at a fraction of the cost.

Fuller Architectural Panels also takes great pride in our work with the community. Over the last few years, we’ve been chosen, along with other celebrated designers and manufacturers, to participate in the Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club projects. Together with other participants, Fuller Architectural Panels provides complementary materials for home conversions in Dallas and Palm Beach. The Show House doubles as the nation’s leading design event of the year and Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club’s top fundraiser.

Customer service also makes Fuller Architectural Panels an industry standout. The team at Fuller Architectural Panels is available 7 a.m. – 9 p.m., at your service—without fail, without delay—to help ensure we deliver on a promise of quality and service, client after client.

Enquire to learn how Fuller Architectural Panels can enhance your space. 

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