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Tracery Collection

Fuller Architectural Panels studied plaster-based tracery installations from around the world with the objective of fabricating similar stunning tracery patterns in a more cost-effective format. Thanks to our innovative processes and cost-effective materials, we create stunning tracery patterns in a modular format with less installation time while maintaining the look and feel of these established designs.

Our large format tracery panels are designed to allow you to mix and match with any of the other large-format designs. The result is an endless combination of unique patterns. The small format panels are exceptionally affordable, lightweight, and can easily be installed by one person.

Like all Fuller Architectural Panels products, our tracery panels are lightweight, durable and paint/stain grade. The collection is easily installed with standard woodworking tools and processes.

Prefer something more unique? Work with us to create semi-custom or custom tracery panels based on your design vision and needs. Our in-house CAD capabilities allow us to tweak or customize tracery designs. Panel sizes are customizable as well. Our standard lead time is a short 30 days for standard designer panels.

Contact us to learn how Fuller Architectural Panels can enhance your space.

celling decorative panels
celling decorative panels
celling decorative panels in kitchen
celling decorative panels in kitchen
decorative ceiling
decorative door
decorative ceiling in living room
billiard room with decorative wall
restaurant with decorative panels
celling decorative panels
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